So Are You a "Client" Or A "Commodity'?

March 3, 2018


Historically solicitors’ firms have attracted clients by “word of mouth” recommendation. Thirty years ago they weren’t allowed to advertise! The world has moved on and bringing many benefits for consumers.

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However, did you know that solicitors now attract clients by paying “referral fees” of hundreds of pounds for each instruction? These payments are made to introducers such as estate agents, financial advisers and claims companies.

If you think about this – YOU are being treated as a tradable COMMODITY! The implications for you are:-

  1. Can you rely on “recommendations” from estate agents – is it based on merit or a referral fee?
  2. Who is paying the referral fee? The likely answer is that this will be passed on to you.

We are local. We do not pay referral fees. We would be pleased to provide you with a fee estimate and we will not treat you like a commodity!

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