Gary, you should have come to Lawson Lewis Blakers

May 12, 2016


Gary Lineker has complained that that division of resources upon divorce should be resolved by a “Mathematical equation” and that lawyers manipulate parties into avoidable disagreements.


Lawson Lewis Blakers respond by saying:

1)    Solicitors do not create the law – it is our job to advice clients as to what outcome they might achieve if they went to court. The law is imperfect but it is also constantly changing.


2)    In order to see the consequence of applying an arithmetical formula – just consider the injustice that has arisen from the child support agency…use of an arithmetical formula.

3)    Emotional arguments can happen on relationship breakdown. Sometimes the lawyers are imperfect. Consider the following tips:

  a)    Unless there is an emergency (perhaps requiring an injunction) don’t act in haste. Wait until emotions have calmed.

  b)    Consider alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation. It’s not a substitute for legal advice – but will reduce the lawyers input/cost.

  c)    Understand that you (and your ex) will need to put your financial cards on the table. Doing this willingly will build trust and save time and cost.

4)    Choose your legal advisor with care:

  a)    Have they taken the time to understand your situation?

  b)    Have they explained your legal position to you in a way that you can understand? It should be possible to give at least a broad indication as to likely outcomes at an early stage.

  c)    Are you happy that the lawyers approach matches the circumstances of the case? Different cases will require a conciliatory or more assertive approach.

  d)    Have the likely costs/timescales been explained to you?

  e)    Has the lawyer been recommended to you or are they a member of a Law Society Specialist panel?


Lawson Lewis Blakers are able to offer expertise and a conciliatory approach:

•    One of our solicitors is a member of The Children Panel;•    Two of our solicitors are members of the Law Society Advanced Family Panel;•    Free first 30 minutes;•    Legal aid – where available;•    A conciliatory approach – two of our solicitors were former mediators.


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