Domestic Violence

April 15, 2020

Jeremy Sogno

We are committed to supporting our clients through the legal issues that the Covid 19 pandemic presents.

One issue sadly is domestic violence within families. The police are reporting a 30% upturn in these cases and we are also seeing an upsurge of these instructions.

The family courts remain open with hearings taking place remotely often by telephone and a specific guidance note on domestic violence cases is expected from the judiciary any day.

Legal Aid remains available in these cases and we are one of a declining number of firms still to offer this service.

The courts know that domestic violence is corrosive to children’s welfare and adult’s mental and physical welfare. We remain available to advise – please do contact us.

Domestic violence in the time of Covid 19 does contain some specific legal issues, for example:-

(1) The requirement that orders be personally served on the Respondent. We are already seeing evidence that Judges will be flexible about this allowing service by social media or electronically;

(2) The potential for conflict between the Government “stay at home” regulations and ejecting one party from the family home. This requires care in drafting the application and supporting statement on a case by case basis.

If we can assist you with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our family team on 01323 720 142.