Charity Commission have named charities who have double defaulted

November 28, 2013


The Charity Commission has added another 12 charities who have double defaulted on their accounts. Failure to submit annual documents to the Commission is a criminal offence and also amounts to mismanagement and/or misconduct in the administration of a charity.

All charities are obliged to prepare a Trustees’ Annual Report (TAR) and accounts. It will depend on a charity’s income whether this must be sent to the Charity Commission but is a useful exercise when a small charity is required to update details with the Charity Commission (this is a legal duty). When a charity’s income is over £10,000 per annum it is also a legal requirement to ensure that an Annual Return is submitted to the Charity Commission each year. The deadline for submission is within the ten month period following the charity’s financial year end date. It is the responsibility of the trustees to ensure that this information is submitted, even where work is delegated to other charity staff or accountants . The quickest and easiest method to submit the information is by using the link on the Charity Commission’s website

For more information contact Lucy Robinson (01323) 720142