Moving Home

Checklist Prior To Moving Date

Checklist Prior To Moving Date

Six Weeks Before Proposed Moving Date

  • If you are living in rented accommodation remember to give notice to terminate your tenancy (but only after contracts have been exchanged and you know for sure what your moving date will be)
  • Carefully consider what items you can ‘clear out’:-
  • What furniture will not fit/is not suitable for the new house?
  • Are there out of date foodstuffs that can be disposed of?
  • Check your building/content insurance to ensure you have cover from the date of exchange for buildings and the date of completion for contents.
  • Notify the utility companies of your intended date of departure.
  • If you need to purchase essential items for the new home (white goods, carpets, curtains etc) consider ordering these (once exchange has taken place) and arranging for them to be delivered after completion.
  • Notify your bank to cease Standing Orders relating to your existing home and make sure that any necessary new Standing Order are set up.

If you are a keen gardener and intend to take any plants with you upon moving, ensure that this is agreed with your buyer. Technically, plants (and anything else securely fixed to the property) is a ‘fixture’ and will be included within the sale unless this is expressly agreed to the contrary.

Two Weeks Before Propose Moving Date

  • Start packing all non-essential items.
  • Notify the Post Office to re-direct your mail. This can be done at your local Post Office or online at A fee will be payable.
  • Send our change of address cards to friends and family. Finalise arrangements with your removals.
  • Confirm where you wish to handover/collect keys. The usual arrangement is for the collection to take place via Estate Agents who can only part with them once the Vendor’s solicitor confirms that they have received the purchase monies.
  • Ask the Vendor to tell you essential information such as:-
  • Where the gas, electric and other meters are situated;
  • Where is the electrical fuse box;
  • How does the central heating work;
  • Ask then for contact address/telephone numbers in case you need to contact them after completion.
  • Book a plumber or electrician if you need any items (for example a washing machine) installing into your new property.

On The Day Of Your Move

  • Ensure that space is reserved for the removal lorry;
  • Ensure that you take meter readings for gas, electricity, water in both your existing and new property.
  • Ensure that you have available:-
  • A mobile telephone;
  • Equipment to make a hot drink (kettle, cups, tea, coffee, milk) to keep you going during the exertions of unpacking).
  • All of your jewellery and valuable items.
  • Double check that you know the arrangements for handing over and collection keys.
  • If you are moving appliances such as washing machines you may need to organise a plumber to plumb these in on arrival.
  • The family pet - a move of home can be extremely un-settling for pets. Consider whether a family friend can ‘pet sit’ for a few days. If this is not possible, remember to:-
  • Walk your dog the dog before the removals start;
  • Keep fresh water available;
  • Try and keep the pet and removal men apart as far as possible to prevent them getting ‘under the remover’s feet’ and there being an accident;
  • Keep cats indoors to reduce the risk of them running away until they have settled in.

Treat other as you would like to be treated and leave your light bulbs behind! Take a few light bulbs with you (or check with your seller) to make sure they wish to reciprocate the kindness.

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