Mergers with other firms

In 1990 Lawson Lewis took the decision to grow by way of mergers which has added a rich dimension of legal expertise to the firm.

Stuart Tradewell & Company  joined the firm in 1990.  Stuart Tradewell worked in the firm for a period of time following the merger.

Hutchinson & Radcliffe

In 1991, the firm merged with Hutchinson & Radcliffe in Little Common near Bexhill-on-Sea.  Robin Comley bought commercial expertise as part of the merger.  Sadly Robin has now passed away.  The office in Little Common has closed, but the firm has clients’ Wills and deeds in their strong-room in Eastbourne.

Nella & Co

In 1994, Nella & Co joined the firm bringing Josephine Holmes Watkins and Robin Comber into the firm.  Mrs Holmes Watkins has now retired. Robin continues to work at the office in Eastbourne.

E.M. Broome of Hampden Park

In 1995 Elisabeth Broome’s firm, E.M. Broome – bought another dimension to the practice.  Although the office in Hampden Park is now closed, the firm holds Wills and deeds for the clients. Elisabeth has now retired.

Russell Gardner

In 1996, the firm of Russell Gardner joined Lawson Lewis & Co.  Ian Gardner, Margaret Gardner, Jackie Alexander and their team enriched the practice further.  Ian and Margaret are retired.  Jackie has returned to the firm having worked elsewhere for a period.

Wilfrid & Co

Wilfrid & Co of Seaford and Peacehaven joined the firm in 2000.  Wilfrid Geoghegan did not continue working with the firm and has retired.  The office in Peacehaven has moved from the original site but is still actively serving the Peacehaven community and surrounding areas.

Trevor J Smith

In 2004, the practice of Trevor J Smith in Telscombe Cliffs joined the firm.  Trevor Smith retired but we retain the Wills and deeds of his clients.

Blaker Son & Young

In 2012, Blaker Son & Young of Lewes joined Lawson Lewis & Co.  The firm altered the name to Lawson Lewis Blakers.  The office in Lewes High Street relocated to Brooks Close, Lewes.  Holly Maxwell-Gumbleton continues to work in the Lewes office.

Stuart Grace Associates

In 2014, the practice of Stuart Grace Associates joined the firm.  Stuart Grace and Christos Christou enriched the practice further and both continue to work at the office in Eastbourne.